Is the “New” Google trends any different ?

Google has just launched  the new Google Trends and Google Insights for Search

Millions of people use Trends to keep up with the latest  trending interests on the internet

New hot trend nicki minaj

Many SEO’s and also  journalists, businesses and researchers around the world useInsights for Search to compare the popularity of search terms to help in their publishing and media research.

The new trends is a  result of, merging Insights for Search into Google Trends giving it a new clean  interface. The new Google Trends now includes features from both products and makes it easier and more intuitive to dig into the data. (pic below)

new google trends insight for search


I tried out the new  Google trends  and  found out he hot Nicki Minaj is the one of the more popular trend setters on Google trends, so I'm posting one of  “Nicki Minaj Hot videos” for your viewing pleasure . enjoy

You can get more updates on this new trends at the google blog


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