Get your website in Google news

Who would  not want to  their website to be featured in Google news , now YOU CAN

If you are running a website  which features regular news  and have one or two attributed authors to your website  you can just fill in a form by google  to be included in google news

You can submit your site to Google News for one thing, and sites like PRWeb allow you to submit press releases.

Please read this  by google before you  take the time to submit

“Before you answer these questions, we ask that you first check to see if your site is already included in Google News. Use our [site:]search operator from the search bar on the Google News homepage new window to search for articles from your site. For example, if your site is located at, you would use [] as a search query. (If your site is already included and successfully crawled by Google News you will see some articles appearing in search results).”

Here are some questions you might get asked by google before you are okay to submit

For your content to be included in Google News, your site must conform to our technical guidelines for site structure. Please make sure you review oursite structure guidelines and confirm that:


No no  /YEs yes

  • Your articles' URLs are unique, permanent, and contain at least three digits.
  • Your articles' headlines and publication times are easily identifiable to our automated crawler.
  • Your article pages are HTML format and body text not embedded in Javascript.

Location of contact information available on your site *

Note: This should be a page listing physical address, phone numbers, and/or email addresses. Contact forms do not qualify as contact information. As our guidelines explain, Google News is generally more likely to accept sites with certain levels of accountability and organizational information. Any contact information you provide we will review thoroughly.


Location on your site where information on authors and editors is available. *



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