Bump your page rank by reading this Book “outsmarting google”

I've just started reading this book by Evan Bailyn called outsmarting google, he explains the whole concept of how to achieve the top ten “ranking on Google” and a fair understanding of how Google really ranks their sites internally.

Forums and seo websites give you the latest data on current SEO , but this book puts the basic idea you should be following to get good Google ranking and also tips to help you do it in faster more trustworthy white hat manner which is so much more relevant for 2012 2013. This is the first book i have read after many years after reading Aron Wall’s SEO book years earlier , and i am now  really learning a lot from this book “outsmarting google” with the concepts from this book  in my humble opinion holding strong atleast for the next couple of years.

Outsmarting Google  Book

Here is eg. snippet from the book for outbound linking structure

• 20% of all links to your website should be in text around your keyword but not on your keyword (for example, “When I need business cards, I contact this company.”)
• 30% of all your links that include your keyword but also include other words in a sentence (for example,“I ran out of my brand new business cards today.”)
• 30% of all your links that include only your keyword (for example, “I love my business cards.”)
• 20% should be all image links
Withe basic idea being to keep the linking structure always (looking) natural 

List Price: $24.99 Price: $15.88

Go grab the book Outsmarting Google: SEO Secrets to Winning New Business (Que Biz-Tech) from amazon . Book cover below ( with link to amazon)


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